Forever Young

The journey's OVER.
Monday, 9 June 2014

It was a great journey.
Just like every other couple.
There were ups and downs.
There were arguments and quarrels.
Memories that we will never forget.
But when the worst comes, it has to come. 
Acceptance is the key to be truly free.
He, was a nice guy.
He was caring,
and really nice.
But I guess we didn't meet each other at the right time,place.
And the decision he has made, has torn us apart.
The words he say and the actions he did,
he has lost her.
He should have cared about others' feelings too.
The way he handles the rs,
It's just saddening. 
Maturity comes into place.
He just don't understands.
The meaning of LOVE.
If we're meant to be ,
we're meant to be.
It was tough.
Really tough.
But eventually,
she has to get over it.
And hopefully,
one day,
she can say this to herself,
I'm happier.
Without him.
Thank you.
The story's over.
The end. 

Thanks for reading :)

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