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Sunday, 24 March 2013
It's been a VERY LONG TIME since I last updated my blog! :p Hehe xD
Tmr I'll be going to Muar and Malacca for a learning journey with 2H ^^

I hope 2H would be happy that I made bread for them ... :)
My room mates are Shureen and Huan Yi.
My group members are YeeQin(Soil Scientist), Janice(Accountant) and KaiYuan(Curator).
I hope everything will run smoothly and MOST importantly I hope it WOULDN'T rain :)
And also I pray that the weather will not be too hot either ;)
And I pray tt I will be able to do all the questions in the learning journal.
God,I just pray that there will be no casualties and that God,you will watch over all of us.And I pray that this learning journey will be a meaningful and fruitful one! I thank you God for everything. Amen  
I'm so excited BUT I'm gonna miss everyone soooo much ♥ 
So yeah,my diary 

                  SHSS Synergy Night

♥Old photo of mine XD

♥ Goodnight readers! I will continue this post after I'm back from M'sia :) God Bless! Tata for now ^^ 

Thanks for reading :)

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