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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hey All! :D 
I created a new blog called HOPEFUL LITTLE PRINCESS cause I believe MIRACLES do EXIST! :)
I hope that all of you will love reading my blog =)
Do know more about me and what's going on in my life after reading this blog ^^

Baby Photo and 14 year old photo 

So yeah,my intro xD
My name is Li Hui ^^
I'm from Singapore =) 
I turn one year older on every 23 March! :D
I'm a 13 yr old girl who LOVES Modern Fashion,Facebook-ing,Instagram-ing.
My hobbies are Playing The Guitar, Editing Photos,CamWhoring,Hanging Out With Friends,Texting,Eating,Shopping,BlogShopping,Playing Games and lots lots more :)
I wish to learn more musical instruments like Drums,Violin and Piano xD
My dream occupations are Mediacorp Actress/Lawyer/Gynaecologist/Psychologist.

My idols are Kimberly Chia,Naomi Neo,Rainie Yang,Felicia Chin,Jeanette Aw,Jade Seah,
Rui En,Joanne Peh,The Muttons,Show Luo,Girls Generation,Romeo Tan,Taylor Swift.

Music Is My Life 

Hahas XD I'm a HUGE FAN of Taylor Swift and Running Man  :D
Chocolates,Cheese Fries,Ice Cream,Donuts and lots more.... :)
Only FOOD can cheer me up when I'm feeling down xD
I all sorts of things that got to do with FASHION too! 
Rings, Bangles,Necklaces,Tops,Shorts,Dresses,etc...
(= Nobody's Perfect =)

My Loved Ones are Adriana,Yee Qin,
Regina,Agnes Teo,Junning,Tricia,,Keziah,Hazel,Fion,Azura,Meera,Colin Leong,Kelvin Koh,
Kim Teck,Nicholas Lee,Jonathan Koh,PDA Council,Council,NPCC and My Family ♥
♥ All of them are VERY PRECIOUS to ME ♥
Lastly,I'm Single =) ♥

INSTAGRAM:  _hopes_and_miracles_
TWITTER: @lovelihui2303 

Thanks for reading :)

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