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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Our Promise Rings  
Hello My Beloved Readers! I'm finally back to blogging :)
O's are OVER and finally I've got time to do this! ^^
So first up, I have a piece of GOOD NEWS to share with all of you :D
Kelvin and I have just past our First Year Anniversary!! -9.12.15- 
I'm so sorry to be keeping this from all of you :P
But nonetheless, I really would like to thank God for meeting him.
He is such a life changer. He has made me a STRONGER person.
Without him, I wouldn't have been able to get over certain things on my own.
I could say first few months was indeed tough. Really tough.
But I'm thankful we both held on to one another, never gave up on each other 
and trusted our rs in God's hands. 
Love can indeed do wonders and change our lives in the MOST AMAZING WAY.
I'm glad that our rs draws us closer to God every single time :)
From the bottom of my heart, I really really thank God for his unfailing love for me.
And I really thank my friends who has been around encouraging me and supporting me when I was in my most down moments of my life. 
You guys are really amazing. No words can express my gratitude .
Thank you to my Dearest for loving me as I am ^^ 
We all have our own flaws and I'm glad these flaws didn't destroy our rs. 
I'm so LUCKY to have you 
This past year, many things happen, good and bad, but we both have become more matured, understanding and open towards each other.
Haha as you guys have guessed, this is a dedication post to my Dearest Kelvin Koh 
And also for you guys as there was constant asking of how we met and all haha :)

                                           So, here goes OUR STORY ... 


How it started....

We first met each other at our CCA Camp, I didn't really took notice of him even though we were in the same group as it was a big group.
In June 2014, after he had seen a very sad Instagram post of mine, he initiated a conversation with me. As we were going through similar things, we understood each other's situation well. Somehow, we both felt like we had knew each other for a very long time that night. Things started out with us meeting each other and skyping each other frequently. 

First few meet ups as friends :)

Slowly, feelings developed. But, we were both afraid of getting hurt again. So even though we confessed our feelings to each other, we didn't get together. However, amazing things happen to those who wait I guess haha ;) Somehow, we managed to put down our past together, and there was this mutual agreement unsaid but etched in our hearts to accept this love journey together. 
     Below are the few milestones of our journey 

14' First BBQ 

Christmas 14'
Christmas 15'
Christmas 15'
Christmas 15' w his family ♥
Valentines 15'

CNY 15'
First Concert Tgt ♥
1st  Exploration Outing ♥<S.E.A Aquarium>
First Sports Competition <Orienteering> ♥
WE GOT THIRD ♥ <Osportz>
Went to our first church tgt ♥
2nd Exploration Outing ♥ <Haji Lane>

Attended my Final Year Council Commendation ♥

Both our graduations ♥


Couple Snapbacks ♥

Couple Shirts ♥ <One Of A Kind>

Couple Bands ♥
National Day 15'

His surprise for my b'dae ♥
His B'dae Chalet ♥
Balloons for Bae's SWEET 16 ♥
Chalet Group Photo ♥
Day out with his friends at MBS ♥
Our Dancing Game on Phone ♥
Days when u just feel like staying home♥ <Xbox>
Selfies on bus ♥
Random pic on MRT ♥
Trip to Bugis ♥
Off to JB we go ♥ <First place overseas>
Great Chemistry we have there ♥
Dad's B'dae ♥

Dad's B'dae ♥

My first drawing for Him ♥
All the gifts for Him ♥

For Him too ♥

And He Loves It All :D

Below are some quotes I would like to share ^^

                                           And there we have it, the story of Kelvin&Joy :) 

♥ I hope u guys enjoyed reading my blog :)
      Lastly, Thank you baby for being my superman ^^
                                                   I love you and can't wait for our future 


Thanks for reading :)

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